Successful Entrepreneurs are Creative Philanthropist

Who authoritatively solve problems, offer unsurpassed value & unforgettable experiences.

CA3 (Idea to Reality)

Having a REAL CA3 Program (Customer, Competitive and Community Advantage) will help avoid some of the common pitfalls of most startups, and more importantly, ensures that you can pass a basic Business Validity Test. Your idea must also be valuable, unique and scalable. Starting a Business means War!

RBM (Opportunity to Success)

Having a Real Business Model means doing REAL Business Activities (RBA) and Real Customer\Community Activities (RCA). You are not just selling a product or service, you are selling an experience, and will need to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Check out our Real Business Model.

CEN-CAP (Surviving to Thriving)

Our Competitive Assistance Program offers monthly CENinars, DYI Projects, Workshops, CEN Community Projects and CAP Project Donation Services. Our Competitive Advantage Program offers affordable, payment-plan based services and (short-term) project support, plus CA3, RBM and FREE Startup Consultation.

The CEN Community

The CEN Community is where you can meet others, learn, share, brainstorm, collaborate, partner, grow and support the CEN community. We will also conduct monthly Meetups (CENinars - How to Start and Grow a Business), offer User Forums (Q&A & Project Support), Blogs, How-to videos, B2B deals, and more.

Why do Businesses Fail?

Our CA3 concept (Competitive, Customer and Community Advantage) will ensure that you do not fall into the normal startups failure traps. 50% of Stratups DO NOT fail within a year, and 80% DO NOT fail within 5. Actually, 70% last 2 years and 50% last up to 5.

Failure can be caused by Ignoring customers, no market need, insufficient research, no business model, out competed, poor marketing, premature scaling, price\cost issues, poor product, no credibility, bad team, partners or customer experiences..EGO.

Check out Dine-in vs Grubhub, Sidecar vs Uber...150+ more.
Startup Stories

Why do others Succeed?

The goal of any business is to gain Expert Topical Authority and standout above the rest, like MJ, Facebook, the Dog Whisperer, Netflix, and so on. Your expertise will add value, especially if you development a community, educate, inspire, entertain and engage.

Developing a Real Business Model -10 Step Business Development Program, will ensure that you are focused on providing unsurpassed business solutions with real value, and unparalleled competitive advantages. Check out the article below on how to create value.

Value Article

Why the CEN Community?

Chicago Entrepreneurs Network CENinars are offered once per month, and focus on all aspects of starting and growing a small business, as well as B2B networking\opportunities, support, Q&A..

CENinars focus on starting a business and growing\pivoting small business using CA3 and RBM as a guide. How to create a real need or niche specifically targeting a market\demographic, differentiating yourself from your competition, pitfalls to avoid, Q&A and more.

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