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Bridging Gaps and Building Bridges

I bridge the Gaps between business realities\functionality and build bridges between entrepreneurs and success. My extensive and vast experience and skills gives me BIG ideas. The CEN Basic Business Idea Validity Test will determine whether or not you have a REAL value added proposition and whether or not you can compete and scale your business. CA3 begins with research and ends with a unique niche, target market and competitive positioning. It is imperative to find a REAL need or niche.

The CEN REAL BUSINESS MODEL concept consist of a 10 Step Process, and focuses on branding and topical authority while creating a comprehensive business solution that differentiates you from your competitors. Know your industry\changes, market\changes, customers, competition, and carve out a niche...but business is war!

RBM Model

We have BIG Ideas..and Solutions, too.

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Ron has over 30 years of experience working with clients and Ron has personally started a dozen companies, so if you are looking for inexpensive and honest business consultation regarding CA3, RBM, Business Services\projects and starting, growing and pivoting a small business.

I can consult you, help you DYI your projects or do short term projects for you, such as CA3 and RBM analysis and program development, Word Press Web Design, Blogs, Social Media, In-bound Marketing Strategies (Basic DESIGN SEO only), Competitive Strategies, Business Pivoting, Graphic Design, Photography, Content Marketing creation and much more. SEO...We give your SEO Expert something REAL to work with, that will allow you to personalize your in-bound marketing efforts better and get a grip on your REAL customers and their REAL needs, to make (and sustain making) REAL money.


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Join our CEN Community for monthly CENinars, where you can learn how to successfully start and grow a business, ask questions, meet other entrepreneurs, support each other, share information, collaborate, share tips, advice and more. Ron will go over the RBM Model, CA3 and offer free How-to Workshops and videos, raffle free services under the CAP Program and brainstorm attendee problems and opportunities.

We are also developing a B2B site for project support, a forum, blog and social media network for our members to communicate, exchange ideas, brainstorm and collaborate. We are also seeking guest speakers and partners to help run the meetup group. Contact me.

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Ron Carroll has 32 years of experience working with businesses and as a Technologist, and has started over 10 different types of Businesses and 2 Organizations since High School.

Ron is also trained in Dreamweaver, WordPress, Html\Php\CSS\JS, Adobe Firefox and Photoshop, Logo Creator, Photography, Videographer, Commercial Artist, Writer and Musician, and well as an (ex) eCNE, Cisco, AppleTalk and MCSE Engineer (s), and ex-PGA Apprentice, ex-USTA Tennis Coach and Scoutmaster..

Why you should hire me...

Since 1983, Ron Carroll has either worked for, or consulted such companies as IBM, Microsoft, Creative Labs, Seaway National Bank, Comdisco, Northwestern University, The Federal Reserve Bank, Amoco Oil, Cole Taylor Bank, The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Independence Bank, RGMA, Dunkin Donuts, etc., working as an Network-Sales-Engineer, Marketer, Trainer, Web Designer and more. Mr. Carroll has also been featured on Fox News, CNN Money...