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Real Business Model

they create experiences. Having a Real Business Model will keep you focused on your customers, not profits, social media or branding, which is what a lot of startups do. Instead, remember that you have to BUILD a brand, win customers and fend off competitors by offering great product or services, a select target market with a direct message, and build a business around your customers needs and wants, not yours. You should love what you do, and love helping others.

As a startup, you need to slowly develop, pivot and grow your brand, services, support, customer base and community. Real Businesses target a specific market with a specific product or service, package it, re-package it, sell it, support it and build a community around it.

In-bound Marketing Concept

Unless you are running print ads or TV Commercials in major, targeted publications or, have tons of money to throw at a target in the dark, outbound marketing is for the big boys. Besides, who likes ads, commercials, pop-ups, anyway? That said, how does a small business get new customers or clients? In-bound Marketing is the new way to advertise. However, you much have a comprehensive in-bound marketing strategy, not just social media sites. Likes and followers are not money, folks.

In order to do REAL in-bound marketing based on REAL CA3 and RBM is easy, if you really KNOW you industry, customers and competitors. Do you have topical authority or not? If you are paying for marketing content or cannot come up with copy, your own diagrams, charts, research...you don't. Get Real.

CENinar Power Point Presentation

This is a LIVE Power Point Presentation that will be adjusted as I go, but is used as a basic foundation of how to start a grow a business in Chicago. I will add words to this presentation later, but for now, it does go over what we discuss at our monthly meetup group Ceninars. We also go over the CA3 and Real Business Model concepts in detail as well as give many examples.

For more on our CENinars, join our CEN Community or give Ron Carroll a call. 773-592-6405 or email ron@chicagoentrepreneursnetwork.com. LINKEDIN Power Point Presentation:

How to Start a Business Tips

While there just way too many things to learn, do and remember when starting and running a business, nonetheless, they all must be done, timely and correctly. I am trying to put together a cheat sheet to help entrepreneurs think about some of those things, as well as offer some good tips that make help along the way. The attachments will be updated soon and better designed, but at least we got it started. :-)

Do some research on in-bound marketing, reasons for business failures, and other things that will help you get a grip on running a business, not just offering a product or service. also check out our Chicago Entrepreneurs Network Blog, which I will load up with great tips, videos and much more..